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Rants of S


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Dilettante, that's me. Tell me about your hobby or fandom, and I'll get sucked right in - for a week, a year or a lifetime.

Warning: posts may include correct grammar and spelling (Australian and/or American as the mood takes me).

I work in a number of fields, often on a project basis. You might know me from:
- business consulting
- cost reduction
- workflow and process efficiency analysis
- IT Support, including helpdesks, Service Desks, and the multiple levels above and below
- meta-administration
- industry article writing
- IT and process documentation creation
- staff training
- product and service improvement
- product design
- inventing, particularly in the software, electronic, mechanical, mechatronic, and process control arenas
- copyediting in your local English variant, including vocabulary, slang, word and phrase usage, and spelling.

Home base is currently Perth, Western Australia. It has some of the best weather, sunshine, and beaches in the world. Meanwhile, the local international airport puts me (at most) only 24 hours away from the rest of the planet.

Yes, you can hire me.

No, I don't charge just for enquiries. Drop me a line anytime.
3d, 3d printing, animation, animatronics, anthropomorphics, anthros, art, automation, big cats, biomechatronics, blitzwing, cad, cats, complexity, computers, construction, contour crafting, conventions, copyediting, cosplay, creative engineering, creativity, cybernetics, cyberpunk, cyborgs, design, diane castle, digital art, douglas adams, editing, efficiency, emergence, engineering, etymology, eyetap, fandoms, fanfic, fanfiction, fractals, fremantle, freo, futurism, geekdom, geekishness, geeks, grammar, helpdesks, intelligence, internet, inventing, ithelpdesk, jasper fforde, kitbash, kitbashing, logic, mad science, mad science!, manga, mecha, mecha cosplay, mechatronics, multichangers, multidimensional architecture, multiformers, multimonitor, multimonitors, multiple monitors, networking, networks, neural networks, nextiverse, orbital bombardment, origamiformers, painting, perth, philosophy, photoshop, polymelia, product design, proofreading, quadformers, reading, real estate, redesign, robot cosplay, robot costumes, robots, science, science fiction, seanan mcguire, sensors, service desks, sf, sff, sfx, sixchangers, sixshot, space elevators, spacewarps, special effects, spelling, steampunk, tech, tech support, techlepathy, technical, technical support, techs, techsupport, telemetry, telemetry suits, teleportation, terraforming, terry pratchett, theatrical biomechatronics, titanium, tom smith, toy design, toys, transformation, transformers, transformers cosplay, transhumanism, triple changers, triplechangers, vernor vinge, wearable computing, wearables, wearcams, wearcomps, webcomics, wheeljack, william gibson, writing